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Happy And Book Heroes?

The "Happy And Book Heroes" series is a collection of books centered around the captivating character of Happy. As a fictional persona driven by a quest for self-discovery, Happy engages in a relentless pursuit of knowledge by incessantly questioning the world around them. Additionally, Happy embraces the thrill of embarking on exhilarating adventures alongside their companions, all while venturing into uncharted territories. Throughout these compelling escapades, Happy acquires valuable insights and learns profound lessons from their experiences.


We are a group of emerging book writers based in Fresno CA, seeking the support of our local community. Our team comprises young authors who share a common dream: to write books that impact crucial life lessons to the younger generation. Our mission is to equip them with the knowledge and values they need to navigate through life successfully. One of our guiding principles is encapsulated in the phrase, "Alone, you will be fast, but with your friend, you will go far."

We are deeply committed to the future of our generation and their triumphs. By supporting us, you are not only encouraging our endeavors as aspiring writers but also investing in the bright future of our community.

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